The Kutle Khan Project

The Kutle Khan Project is Khan’s voya­ge into a world of music beyond bou­ndaries where he delves into his folk roots and draws from his musical experience and influence of collaborating with musicians from different cultures. What remains is a perfectly distilled blend of musical styles with a strong Rajasthan folk sensibility. He has perf­ormed on various stages across the world. His music embodies the rich melodic and sophisticated rhyth­mic traditions of Rajasthan’s folk music and his performances are informed by his understanding of contemporary In­dian and Western musical traditions. Kutle Khan produces the most passionate and energetic live Sufi and Indian Folk. Coming from a family of Manganiyar musicians, Khan not only plays the dholak, but also khartal, bhapang, harmorium, sarangi, and morchang. He also sings soulful renditions, and writes and composes his own songs.